Each day’s menu will be determined in advance by that day’s Daily Coordinator in conjunction with the day’s volunteers and any food provided by a sponsor. The goal is for each meal to be nutritious and simple.

Daily Menus

Until we get an idea of how many children will attend, we suggest planning to provide enough food for up to 60 children. We will adjust this number as needed.

  • Your daily coordinator will send you additional information about your responsibilities before the day you are scheduled to volunteer. A copy also will be available at the site, in the Program Supply Area (in the Library’s Story Time Room).
  • Food-preparation area at the site is very limited. In the event that food is not provided by a sponsor, you may be asked to purchase or prepare an entree or side dish and bring it to the program ready-to-serve. You also may be asked to pick up food from a sponsoring restaurant, or to prepare food (such as slicing fruits and vegetables, as needed) outside in the serving area.
  • The program will supply plates, napkins, silverware, cleaning supplies, and a limited number of serving utensils. Please plan to bring any special utensils or equipment needed to serve items you prepare, including any food-warming devices. There is a refrigerator in the Program Supply Area to store leftover nonperishable items and to keep food cool until serving time. Some coolers will be provided to set out in the serving area for refilling cold items as needed.
  • There is one electrical outlet in the program storage area for food preparation, and one outlet in the food service area for food-warming devices. At this time, the program does not plan to provide food warmers. There is no stove or microwave on site.
  • We will not screen children to determine those with food allergies or special dietary needs, although feel free to tell children when a nut, dairy, or shellfish item is in the entree you are serving.

Each meal should include:

  • a protein
  • a carbohydrate
  • a fruit
  • a vegetable
  • a dairy item
  • water, juice, or milk
  • providing a dessert is optional

Sample menus:

We are actively soliciting local restaurants to donate one meal or entree, but on some occasions, you may be asked to prepare food in advance at home (or purchase it, if you wish), or help prepare food on site before 11 a.m., if your schedule permits. Your day’s “Daily Coordinator” will let you know.

  • Sub sandwiches, sliced cucumbers, red grapes, chips, milk
  • Hot dogs, chips, potato salad, apples, milk
  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, orange slices, celery sticks, water
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit salad, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, milk
  • Sloppy Joe sandwiches, cottage cheese, carrots, cantaloupe, juice
  • Chili, cheese, crackers, coleslaw, apples, water
  • Macaroni and cheese with hot dog slices, applesauce, cherry tomatoes, water
  • Tuna-noodle casserole with peas, grapes, cheese, juice
  • Pigs in a blanket with cheese, chips, carrots, green grapes, milk